Custom originals!

Original, custom caricatures make a uniquely personal gift, and I’d be thrilled to draw someone for you.

These are not mass-production drawings. Each one is unique and customized to the subject. If you order a caricature, I want you to tell me about the person — their loves, hobbies, passions. What makes them unique.

If you are interested in an original caricature of yourself or someone else, please contact me at

Make the caricature special: Give me details!

  • Do you have a size in mind? We don't have to be confined to traditional sizes!
  • Are you looking for a black-and-white or color caricature? I use ink on Bristol board for the originals, but I do color versions in Photoshop.
  • At least 3 or 4 photos (or more!). Straight-ahead studio photos are okay, but they tend to flatten a person’s features. Candid shots are better, and at various angles (three-quarter, profile) which gives me a better idea what someone really looks like. Please note: Must be digital photos — I will not accept any printed photos.
  • List of hobbies, passions, likes, dislikes … are they a deadhead? Loves poetry? Diehard fan? What makes the person tick?
  • A quick description: height, how they dress, personality traits … do they have a favor saying? A favorite author? Little details can add that little extra.
  • Make a note if this is for a special occasion: Moving, retirement, anniversary, a special occasion.
  • The more lead time, the better. I'm an old newspaper guy, so I'm used to tight deadlines and I'll try my very best to accommodate a request. But, I have a day job that demands attention (and is always hungry). Also consider if you need any extra between the time you receive the final drawing and when you need it by — in case you want to frame it or get it framed (Another option is to have the website where I sell prints – – frame a color print for you. The mounting or framing costs are charged by the website
  • If you have any ideas or any special requests about a caricature, please let me know.

Black and white, 8 x 10 (or 11.5) caricatures start at $120.
Additional charges for color, or larger pieces. My caricatures aren't the cookie-cutter type, so my pricing is a little fluid.

What to expect:

  • After I receive your email, I'll confirm that I have received your message and to ask any follow-up questions about any details you provide. We can also discuss the time frame of the drawing and any other concerns you may have. And, to collect any (additional?) photos you want to share.
  • I'll send a pencil sketch for your approval as quickly as possible, so you know what you're getting.
  • I generally work with ink pens on 100 lb. Strathmore bistrol board.
  • Is this a solo, or a group caricature? There are additional charges for more people.
  • Do you want a plain (blank) background, or do you see the subject in an environment?
  • How exaggerated do you want the caricature? I've had some requests for me to "really do a number on me," and some prefer a gentler touch.
  • If you want a color caricature, it will be a print from on your choice of medium:
    • Canvass
    • Choice of paper
    • Framed print (framing extra from the website)
    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Poster
    • Acrylic Print
  • What kind of color do you want? Flat, or finely rendered color?
  • Coloring starts at $50. There may be additional charges for really elaborate work.
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